History & Officers

“The North End Boat Club exemplifies the community spirit that makes Newburyport such a special place to live, to work, to raise a family, and to visit.”

– sincerely Lisa L. Lead, Mayor of Newburyport, August 1, 1995.


The club was born in the last part of the 19th century, a time when most people in Newburyport were no longer looking to the sea for their livelihood and when seafaring and shipbuilding had ceased to be a viable occupations. There have been many members listed from all different walks of life.

In 1913 the member list reveals occupations ranging from Ice Dealers, Engineers, Machinists, Silversmiths and Shoe-cutters, Undertakers, Carpenters and Cabinet Makers, Boat-builders, all the way to Bakers and Painters. The Boat Club has its roots in being a “working man’s club.” While the jobs of the past have changed, the history has not.

Without a history, without a certain community spirit or common goals, a place is just a location and nothing more. But the North End Boat Club is more than just a nice spot off the Merrimack River. Members and guests have long met here for boating, fishing, athletics, relaxation, socializing, and much more.

Officers & Executive Board

Steve Catalano | CommodoreTony Webb | Vice CommodoreMike Webb | Secretary
Brendan Stokes | TreasurerSkip Jolotta | Executive CommitteeMark Webster | Executive Committee
Mike Kelly | Executive CommitteeSteve McGrath | Auditing CommitteeSteve Jamcewicz | Auditing Committee
Fred Dorian | Measurer