About the North End Boat Club.

“The North End Boat Club exemplifies the community spirit that makes Newburyport such a special place to live, to work, to raise a family, and to visit.” – sincerely Lisa L. Lead, Mayor of Newburyport, August 1, 1995.

The club was born in the last part of the 19th century, a time when most people in Newburyport were no longer looking to the sea for their livelihood and when seafaring and shipbuilding had ceased to be a viable occupations. There have been many members listed from all different walks of life.

In 1913 the member list reveals occupations ranging from Ice Dealers, Engineers, Machinists, Silversmiths and Shoe-cutters, Undertakers, Carpenters and Cabinet Makers, Boat-builders, all the way to Bakers and Painters. The Boat Club has its roots in being a “working man’s club.” While the jobs of the past have changed, the history has not.

Without a history, without a certain community spirit or common goals, a place is just a location and nothing more. But the North End Boat Club is more than just a nice spot off the Merrimack River. Members and guests have long met here for boating, fishing, athletics, relaxation, socializing, and much more.

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Officers & Executive Board
Steve Catalano
Tony Webb
Vice Commodore
Mike Webb
Brendan Stokes
Skip Jolotta
Executive Committee
Mark Webster
Executive Committee
Mike Kelly
Executive Committee
Steve McGrath
Auditing Committee
Steve Jamcewicz
Auditing Committee

Fred Dorian